Prince Georges Compassion Project

Awareness Survey

Prince Georges Feral Friends, SPCA is concerned about several very important issues. We see an increase in violence in our county, both towards humans and animals. We are aware of the link between animal cruelty and domestic and other forms of violent behavior. We are concerned about some of our county’s policies which actually promote animal cruelty and therefore contribute to the tendency towards violence.

We sent our Awareness Survey to candidates for office in the 2006 election, other elected officials, and selected employees of the county as well as its municipalities. The questions in the survey were designed to determine the need for information on these critical issues, and to identify the possibility of support for positive change.

Survey questions, seventeen multiple choice questions, fell into several categories: the relationship between animal cruelty and domestic violence and, conversely the relationship between humane education and empathy; the current environment in Prince Georges County with regard animals resulting from law and policies; and the respondent’s willingness to support positive change. The score is the percentage of questions that indicate a familiarity with the facts of the issues and a willingness to support positive change.

Residents of Prince Georges County are encouraged to consult your Voter Registration Card to determine who your representatives are. Please look for them in the Compassion Scorecard. Contact information for each individual is provided. Please use the contact information to politely inform your representatives that you are interested in promoting compassion for all living creatures because otherwise we encourage violent behavior which takes the form of animal abuse as well as violence towards humans -- child abuse, elder abuse, spouse abuse, etc.

The Compassion Scorecard has been broken down into three parts:

The 2006 Election and The 2006 Primary

Other Prince Georges County Officials

Prince Georges County Municipalities